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Freshly Pressed: An Interview With Mr. Mary

30 Oct

Mr. Mary over at A Spoonful of Suga invited me to do a post-Freshly Pressed interview with him. I think this means we’re sorta kinda dating now, so go check it out!


Of the thousands of bloggers who continue to feed the capitalistic machinations of WordPress, only a few are chosen for the distinct honor of being Freshly Pressed. While my writing has never won me the honor of being Freshly Pressed, my imaginative sexual advances have won me a few moments with the unusually tantalizing Jen, the author of the recently Freshly Pressed Blog Sips of Jen and Tonic. This interview is part of an  ongoing study I am conducting . I am trying to see to what extent does being FreshlyPressed changes someone. This first interview takes place a few days after Jen has been Freshly Pressed. Enjoy


Question 1: How does it feel to Be freshly Pressed ? When I think of Freshly Pressed I am brought back to the Massengil and Summer’s Eve commercials of my Youth. Do you feel bathed by the waves of cleanliness and titillated…

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Sweet Mother’s Shout Out to J&T

13 May

Sweet Mother wrote a post about me, and I loved it so much I almost cried. Almost. I’m not a sissy. PLEASE check it out, and make sure to follow SM. She’s a blogging rockstar.

Sweet Mother

First a note:  Happy Mother’s day to all, from your favorite CHILDLESS MOMMY BLOGGER, ME!  Second, I know a lot of you have given me some great awards and I have not, as of yet, had time to respond to them, but I promise I will in some way.  So, thank you and know that a “fun with awards” type post is on the way.


Now on to the important stuff.  Today I would like to introduce this week’s reggie.  I call her, “the blogger who I would most like to have drinks with.”  (There are a lot of you who fall into that category, but this girl is way high up on that list…)  Maybe it’s the title of her blog that makes me feel particularly boozy when I think of her or maybe it’s just her darned hilarious commentary.  Every time this blogger stops by my blog…

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Le Tonic on Fire

25 Apr

As many of you may have noticed, I am really awesome. I’m talking the kind of awesome that makes people want to print out my picture and put it in their wallets. This means others are constantly asking me for my autograph, naming their firstborn after me, and giving me blog awards.

Le Clown, a fellow WordPresser and all around sexy beast, recently gave me an award because I left a very dignified comment about farts on his blog. I got a cool Clown on Fire badge (which you can find under “Tonic’s Haunts” on the right side of my homepage) which I was to distribute around the internet at leisure.

Unfortunately, WordPress was being a major player hater, and wouldn’t let me sprinkle clown dust everywhere. Le Clown, not one to let a little thing like HTML blockage stop him, came up with a new plan. I was to act as his personal blog assistant as well as write a blog post about him. How convenient that this all worked out in his favor.

I must admit, being his right-hand (wo)man was actually really fun!

We answered a few e-mails together:

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More Bloggy Love!

22 Feb

I’m going to come right out and apologize to Teri over at the The Narcissist’s Blog. I’ve received a few blog awards from her in the last month, and I’m just now getting around to accepting them. Teri, I hope you know that I sincerely appreciate all of the love you’ve been throwing my blog’s way!

Back in January she nominated me for the the Versatile Blogger Award as well as the 7X7 Link Award. I’ve previously received the Versatile Blogger Award so I won’t be doing a full-fledged acceptance post for that one. Please visit this post as well as this one to see which bloggers I think are muy fantastico.

Now on to the 7×7 Link Award…

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And the Award Goes To…

17 Dec

I told you guys back in October that I had won a Versatile Blogger Award from the very lovely Lisa over at Main Street Musings. This was a pretty big deal because: (a)  it is the first award I have won for this blog and (b) I really admire Lisa’s sense of humor. Well, I’ve gone and done it again because Joey of The Ballad of Joey Flowers has nominated me for this award as well!  He posted my nomination ages ago, but better late than never, right?

Please take a moment to visit his blog, and show him some Tonic love. Big ups to you, Joey!

It’s actually a good thing I got nominated a second time because the first time I screwed it up. I was supposed to nominate 15 people, and only ended up nominating 8. Oopsie poopsie! This gives me the opportunity to make up it, and tell you guys about 7 more bloggers I adore. I have gone and done you the favor of linking to super duper awesome posts of theirs. You’re welcome.

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We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Program

19 Oct

I know you all came here today to read one of my great American masterpieces *pauses and waits until the laughter dies down* but today I’m putting up a post of a different kind. Since I began writing, I’ve been met with kindhearted individuals who have supported my pursuit to share with the world what’s happening in my twisted mind. People have posted my articles on Facebook, forwarded them to coworkers for a midday giggle, and have even tweeted them to their (Twitter) audiences.

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