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Sweet Mother’s Shout Out to J&T

13 May

Sweet Mother wrote a post about me, and I loved it so much I almost cried. Almost. I’m not a sissy. PLEASE check it out, and make sure to follow SM. She’s a blogging rockstar.

Sweet Mother

First a note:  Happy Mother’s day to all, from your favorite CHILDLESS MOMMY BLOGGER, ME!  Second, I know a lot of you have given me some great awards and I have not, as of yet, had time to respond to them, but I promise I will in some way.  So, thank you and know that a “fun with awards” type post is on the way.


Now on to the important stuff.  Today I would like to introduce this week’s reggie.  I call her, “the blogger who I would most like to have drinks with.”  (There are a lot of you who fall into that category, but this girl is way high up on that list…)  Maybe it’s the title of her blog that makes me feel particularly boozy when I think of her or maybe it’s just her darned hilarious commentary.  Every time this blogger stops by my blog…

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A Crappy Post for Sweet Mother

14 Apr

Anyone who has followed my writing for awhile knows that I love to delve into the deepest parts of myself. I’m not talking about tapping into my innermost thoughts and feelings– we all know I’m dead inside. I’m referring to my affinity for discussing those things that take place in the parts of our bodies which only certified medical professionals (and aliens on a probing mission) go. I discussed the unpleasant nature of my menstrual cycle in this post, and who can forget about getting my butt hoovered by a fart-stealing colon specialist?

So it should come as no surprise that when Sweet Mother issued the challenge of taking your picture with a product which aids in colon health, I jumped at the opportunity. Originally I had planned on taking a picture of myself eating a bran muffin, but then I saw that Le Clown got creative and took a picture of himself feeding a squirrel McDonald’s French Fries. I needed to step my game up.

So I went to Rite Aid, and this happened: Continue reading

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