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And the Award Goes To…

17 Dec

I told you guys back in October that I had won a Versatile Blogger Award from the very lovely Lisa over at Main Street Musings. This was a pretty big deal because: (a)  it is the first award I have won for this blog and (b) I really admire Lisa’s sense of humor. Well, I’ve gone and done it again because Joey of The Ballad of Joey Flowers has nominated me for this award as well!  He posted my nomination ages ago, but better late than never, right?

Please take a moment to visit his blog, and show him some Tonic love. Big ups to you, Joey!

It’s actually a good thing I got nominated a second time because the first time I screwed it up. I was supposed to nominate 15 people, and only ended up nominating 8. Oopsie poopsie! This gives me the opportunity to make up it, and tell you guys about 7 more bloggers I adore. I have gone and done you the favor of linking to super duper awesome posts of theirs. You’re welcome.

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We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Program

19 Oct

I know you all came here today to read one of my great American masterpieces *pauses and waits until the laughter dies down* but today I’m putting up a post of a different kind. Since I began writing, I’ve been met with kindhearted individuals who have supported my pursuit to share with the world what’s happening in my twisted mind. People have posted my articles on Facebook, forwarded them to coworkers for a midday giggle, and have even tweeted them to their (Twitter) audiences.

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