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Troublemaker: Anette

6 May

As many of you may remember, I was recently given the honor of being Le Clown’s assistant for a week. This entailed writing a short post about him which I thought honored him in the way that someone of such magnificence deserved. I had so much fun with it, and was excited when Anette over at Ink. said she’d be interested in “hanging out” with me as well.

I loved this idea. Love. Lovey love love. I’m always looking for new ways to connect with my readers, and what better way than to cavort around the greater Portland area creating mischief with them? And so, a new series was born: Team Tonic’s Troublemakers.

Even though Le Clown was a blast to be around (you’ll always be my first!) I must confess that it was nice having some girl time.

We decided we wanted to look cute and sporty (we didn’t actually want to work out) so we went to the Old Navy sale:

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