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Open Letter: Bristol Palin

2 Aug

Dear Bristol Palin,

We need to have a talk, woman to woman. Now, I’m normally not one to get into the lives of politicians’ children because it’s cruel to take shots at people who were thrust into the public eye, but you’re a different story. Ever since your family rode in to the political picture you’ve been chasing the spotlight, and it’s high time you exited stage left.

You recently took it upon yourself to pen a memoir which, I have to be honest, sort of surprised me. I didn’t know anyone in your family was fully literate let alone knew what the word memoir meant. I guess stranger things have happened. You know, like Rebecca Black’s success.

I pride myself on being a fair person so I put aside all of my preconceived notions about you, and read some of the excerpts from your book which were posted online. My mind was blown by the juicy tidbits about your life….because I put a gun to it and pulled the trigger. Only sweet, merciful death could release me from the banality of your drivel.

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