Fools Rush In

10 Jan

There are few things that make me happier than jeans that don’t give me camel toe, Golden Girls marathons, or Slurpees. Celebrating my friends’ birthdays happens to be one of those things.

Today is the birthday of a woman who manages to turn me on and scare me at the same time. When people tell me they aren’t familiar with her blog I automatically assume they are a Communist. She has an impressive middle finger, and may be the only person whose mouth is as salty as mine.

I’m talking about the one, the only, the devastatingly sexy Madame Weebles.

You cannot celebrate such an icon with a simple post. That’s why a few of us got together and created something so incredible that it will either help you find inner peace, or give you seizures.

Click here to change your life forever.

Happy birthday, Weebs.

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