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Viciously Sweet: Jen and Tonic Edition

17 Apr

There are three reasons you need to hop on over to Viciously Sweet’s blog:

(1) She has amazing illustrations that just make life better

(2) She blogs about the professional knowledge her coworker, Eric, drops on the office. You don’t want to miss his nuggets of wisdom.

(3) This post features toast, talk of Jon Hamm’s sexiness, and a picture that makes me appear 100 times better looking than I do in real life.

Viva Viciously Sweet!

Viciously Sweet

Since my return to the internet. I have not even come close to catching up on all the things I’ve missed.

But whilst perusing some of the internets I particularly love I found that Jen from Sips Of Jen and Tonic made a fabulous post about Sakura-Con. And where I have not Con’d in a while I still appreciate it. Read her post here.

And Then when I scrolled down the page of her post I feel like I met my destiny. To clarify she did not have a strikingly handsome picture of Jon Hamm posted on her site… what she did have is a picture of a glorious Toast costume.

And it was like this kismet moment that only happens in a Meg Ryan movie. I just knew that someday I needed to be dressed like a toast. That toast is my Sleepless in Seattle, it is my…

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Meetings Schmeetings

24 Feb

I’ve never been the corporate type. I’ve never had a job I needed to dress up for, I don’t try to wiggle my way up the corporate ladder, and I have zero desire to ever be the type of person who is married to her job. My parents must be so proud.

In light of this information, one can imagine how excited I am when I find out we’re going to have a team meeting at work. I always go through the same stages whenever one is scheduled: fear, guilt, excitement, resentment, indifference and finally, acceptance. Sitting around a table listening to “business speak” ranks right up there with having my eyelashes ripped out one by one. I always end up zoning out after a few minutes, and wishing I had opted for a job in retail.

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