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Mo Money Movember

19 Oct

So there’s this guy you may have heard of, and his name is Le Clown. If you haven’t, you need to educate yourself because there are two things in life I take very seriously: (1) Law & Order marathons on the USA network and (2) blogging clowns. Without those things, what’s the point of living?

There are a few things you need to know about him:

(1) He breastfeeds sock monkeys

(2) He hates Rush, one of the greatest bands of all time

(3) He has serious camel ball

He’s also a very generous dude who loves to have a million projects going on at once. His latest effort is the Bloggers for Movember campaign. Movember is a cause which takes place each November, and helps raise money and build awareness around men’s health issues, specifically testicular and prostate cancers. Something I was unaware of is that it also aims to do the same for men’s mental health issues.

It didn’t surprise me that Le Clown wanted to get involved. I mean, this is a guy who massages his prostate courtesy of Klout. There are a handful of ways you can show your support, all of which are outlined in his post (all applicable links below.) My favorite is the growing of a mustache (or beard!) during the month of November.

Naturally, I wanted to participate because not only do I love me some charity, but I love me some facial hair. “Jen, you can’t grow a mustache. You’re a girl!” Oh, on the contrary my lovely Hooked on Tonics. I’m partially Mexican and have the testosterone level of Lou Ferrigno. This means I get a five o’clock shadow at half past two.

I know it’s not November yet, but I thought I’d kick things off to get people motivated to throw their hat in the ring when the time comes.

A nod to Le Clown, a sexy French ‘stache

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