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A Very Tonic New Year

20 Jan

In my previous article I discussed New Year’s Resolutions, and how typical resolutions bore me to tears. I suggested we should break away from the norm, and dare to do something different this year.  Normal resolutions are so vague (I want to be healthier, I want to travel, I want to read….stuff) that it’s no wonder 25% of us have already fallen off the bandwagon after the first week.

If we focus on a series of specific goals rather than unclear ideas, we’ll have a better chance of succeeding. This is why I thought long and hard about what I wanted to achieve this year.  After eliminating things such as “Drinking until I’m better looking” and “French kissing at least 50% of Hall & Oates” I came up with what I consider to be a pretty great list of things to accomplish.

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