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Music Monday #4: 90’s

7 May

Credit: KXRT

The 90’s was such a glorious decade. My youngest sister was born in the 90’s. I started junior high and became a social leper in the 90’s. I came home past curfew and got into trouble with my parents in the 90’s. I went through a phase where I wore pirate-y outfits and had a lesbian haircut in the 90’s. I was a ridiculously moody teenager for a better part of the 90’s.

“So Jen, it’s really great that you love the 90’s, and that you enjoy looking like a pirate, but can you get to the point of this Music Monday post already?”

You guys are so impatient.

Something else that really stood out about that decade was the music. If the names Babyface, TLC, Janet Jackson or Boyz II Men mean anything to you, you’ll want to keep reading. If not, you better educate yourself.  No, I’m not kidding. Go to a library and read a book or something.

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