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Music Monday #5: Power Ballads

29 Oct

A couple of weeks ago, La La over at Tales of a Charm City Chick wrote a post about power ballads. This is a woman speaking my language because I absolutely love songs where the singer is practically begging you to pull out a lighter and wave it in the air like you just don’t care. I asked her if I could steal use her idea for a Music Monday post, and she graciously agreed.

I tried to make a Top 10 list which turned into a Top 25 list which turned into a Top 500 list. I never realized how many power ballads I liked until I started writing this post. It started becoming a bit like asking a parent to name his/her favorite child, and unless you’re lucky enough to have a child like me, you just can’t do it.

So I’ve decided to take a different approach. I thought I’d pick a few power ballads that had a little more meaning to me, and share the stories behind the songs. Continue reading

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