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You’ve Got Mail

11 Feb

Have you ever wondered what your mail would say about you? I never gave it any thought until I started receiving mail for someone who used to live in my apartment. When we first moved in I expected there to be some overlap, but we are still regularly receiving mail for a person who hasn’t lived here for nearly a year. Just when I think it has finally stopped, I find an invitation to a college alumni event for a university in Tennessee in my mailbox.

Who is this person who had to leave in such a hurry that she couldn’t submit a change of address form to the postal service? Was she a fugitive running from the long arm of the law? Was she a model who suddenly left for a career-making photo shoot? Was she someone who was turned on by the thought of strangers rifling through her mail? I tried looking her up on Facebook, but unlike me, she has a life which is not consumed by hours of social media interaction.

So I put on my detective hat, and looked at the evidence.

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